How to drink coffee black

It wasn’t until my first job in New York City that I started drinking coffee. When I was up late finishing projects or studying for exams in college; hot chocolate was my drink of choice, the thought of this now makes me audibly laugh. I eased into my eventual love of caffeine my first summer in the city. Customers at the bodega used known lingo to get what they wanted. It took a few attempts to realize “light and sweet” was my jam. It was hard to ever veer from the order once “my guy” knew me, the cup was on the counter before I pushed my quarters to him. Over the next several years; Blue Bottle, Variety, Toby’s Estate and Uro cafe changed the coffee scene in Williamsburg. The neighborhood grew in a way I could have never imagined, as well as the desire for carefully brewed and poured beverages. My quarters for coffee turned into five dollar cold brews and I was hooked in a big way.

When we left Brooklyn I was grasping for straws for a daily fix. A walk into town just for coffee wasn’t realistic, it was time to learn the art of making my own. I took note of what the baristas where using, did a little research and within days set up shop at home with my own pour over tools.

Being mindful of the water temperate, using locally sourced beans, and being patient, produced such a smooth taste, I no longer needed anything to mask the bitterness. As a result I learned a hobby I find fun, fascinating and slows down additional waste littering our environment.

Coffee Pour Over Style

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