We often create traditions without realizing it. For years the week after Thanksgiving, cash in hand, kid in stroller, baby in carrier, dog on leash, we walked to the nearest street vendor and bought our Christmas tree. They were never big, but getting them home always proved to be part of the angst of living in the city. As we embrace our lives in the suburbs, a different set of logistics come into play, and just like that we have started something new.We originally picked Hidden Ponds Farms due it’s proximity, but it offered much more. A charming little tree farm, an easy 30 minutes from our home in New Jersey. The chance to scout and chop down our own tree, was just as thrilling to Kyle and I, as it was for the kids. The boys imagined and embellished what they thought the “forest of only Christmas trees” was going to be like on our way there.

Hidden Ponds Farms is organized, simple and nostalgic. Nothing about it felt commercialized or stressful. Kyle grabbed a saw and we headed up a hill to the trees and the boys ran wild. They wanted to chop down every tree they laid eyes on, but with more careful consideration settled on a winner.

Kyle grew up chopping fire wood, so I barely got a picture before he had the thing leveled. The staff makes rounds to assist with your selection, but he dragged ours down the hill himself.

Complimentary hot cocoa with peppermint sticks and the opportunity to roast marshmallows sweetened the experience. A tractor ride is also an option, but the grounds are walkable and a good opportunity to tire everyone out 

Tips before you go

  • Cash or Check is the only accepted method of payment
  • The Largest trees (to cut) are a little over 6ft and $65
  • The entrance to the farm is a one lane road. Be prepared to wait at peak times to enter and exit.
  • It’s near a pond and I found it a little windy and breezy, dress warm.
  • Bring small bills to tip the staff who affix the tree to your car.

Now that we’ve visited Hidden Ponds Farms, found it to be an accessible, fun experience, we are sure to make it a family tradition for years to come. The tree is home and decorating is something I never rush through. The boys have enjoyed helping and I can’t wait to share how it all comes together.

Hidden Pond Farms

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  1. MaRia kensey

    December 18th, 2016 at 10:19 am

    This. What a great little farm! And so close. I’ve always had the idea in my head to chOp down our own tRee…and it just never seemed accessible. Thanks for the tips! ❤️

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