HC_CW_FVI’ll suffer a little bit in the name of fashion, but when it comes to downtime, comfort is king. I was one of those people with drawers of t-shirts, “comfy” pants, and no plan when it came to making purchases. Clothing is about how you feel and my loungewear made me feel frumpy, unattractive, and awful. At first I made small steps and decided that I would put on jeans every single day. That one change made me feel so much better that I was motivated to dig deeper.


The Purge 

I felt a pang of nostalgia assessing this portion of my wardrobe. With each t-shirt the visual of what that particular item was tied to, from a time in my life before I was married or had kids, had me stalled at what to do. I always ask myself how I feel in something and to be honest the shirts no longer made me feel anything but kind of silly.  I’m certainly not in a rush to age, but I no longer dress like my 19 year old self. Getting rid of the clothing didn’t change anything about the experiences they were tied to. Once I realized that I knew I didn’t need them. As I went through other items the process became quicker. My mindset had changed and I felt more confident about my decision.

Taking Inventory 

HC_MONOGRAMNow that I had bags of clothing around me I needed to take stock of what was left. These monogram cotton Pajamas had been gifted two years prior. I loved them, but they had been pushed back so far in a drawer they went unnoticed, a classic example of what happens when you have too much stuff. I pulled a pair of thermal leggings and realized I had nothing else I loved. I looked in my wardrobe to possibly borrow items either full time or occasionally. This neutral flannel shirt fit right in. The blue pjs are lightweight, which is a key option to include. I up their function by layering wool sweaters in Grey and Navy.


Planning Purchases

Items in bags, the capsule was coming together and I compiled a list of what I needed and wanted. Number one on that list? FLANNEL PJS, and in order to keep the capsule complimentary I had my mind set on what I wanted. If the thought of just making my own tells you anything about my search …I REALLY wanted grey flannel with cream pipping…but we can’t have it all. I completely settled at TARGET. They were affordable, I was willing to compromise on their durability because I truly loved the look and feel. I was still stuck on cream so when I was at zara I saw this unisex oversized thermal and knew it would be a great addition.

I wear all these pieces several ways. Some of them out of the house, not just because I’ve rolled out of bed (the struggle is real) but because they are multi functional pieces. I also want to make a point to say that, just because I limit my clothing choices doesn’t mean I don’t love dressing up and putting looks together. It’s one of my favorite things to do and this allows me to change it up often without owning a lot.
HC_SLIPPERSCan’t forget about your feet. Can you tell these slippers are new? The ultimate mom gift, but I was so happy to receive them. If you watch my Insta stories you may have seen my old pair a time or two. I wore them I chose scuffs in order to make them a year round choice. I’d love to add a pair of armor lux as well so I don’t wear this one pair down so quickly.


Maybe lounge clothes make you feel different than they do me, and that’s great! Coming to that very personal realization is the most important part. Pare down to your favorites and free up those laundry baskets and drawers of the excess you don’t really love. With a little practice each season gets easier and the process becomes second nature.


In conclusion my Cold Weather Pajama Capsule contains:

Oversized thermal top (in store only zara)

Flannel boyfriend shirt (bonus it has pockets)

Thermal Leggings

Lightweight PJ Set (Layered with one of my wool sweaters when it’s very chilly)

Flannel PJ Set 

Boyfriend Cardigan (similar here)

Sherpa Slippers


Also I reached out to my friend Morgan over at The Garment in search of an ideal Merino Legging. She’s a wealth of information and once again turned me towards a very impressive brand. Investing in well made, ethically sourced items are something I strive towards as much as possible.

Looking for inspiration? These items all compliment one another. Stick to the formula and create a foundation you love.


From Left to Right

Vintage PJ set / Sherpa Scuffs / Lambswool Crew / Open Front Sweater

Button Cardigan / Plaid PJ set / Merino Leggings  / Wool Slipper

Plush Pullover / Thermal Leggings / Velvet Mule / Thermal Top

Gingam PJ Set / Cashmere Robe / Slouch Pant / Cloud bootie

Most loved lounge

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